These numnahs have been specially designed to work in conjunction with the Treefree Saddles, creating a product that firmly attaches to the saddle in 8 places.

This system very much makes the numnah become  a part of the saddle. This also reduces the chances of slippage happening.

The numnah is also constructed with a airflow gullet, allowing the air to circulate around the top end of the numnah, giving that extra bit of coolness to the back. This also tends to act like a lateral stabilizer for the saddle.

Available in Black or Brown, Wool or Quilt.

​Laminated in three layers

  • Layer 1 (Quilt) closest to the horse is a wadded heavy cotton drill quilt not dissimilar to a pollypad design.
  • Layer 1 (wool) closest to the horse is a natural lampad wool, this is a pure wool pulled through a man made backing. This will have the benefit of allowing any movement to occur within the material rather between the surface of the numnah and the horse. It is also machine washable.
  • Layer 2 Designed to sit under the bearing surface of the saddle are the excellent properties of Evolite a foam very similar to Prolite which is used to partly diffuse the load, reduce any impact and gives a little more clearance off the spine.
  • Layer 3 Is made up of a double layered numnah quilt, again here is a hard wearing heavy cotton drill against the underside of the saddle.


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