Quilt numnah cut and shaped for the western type saddles,

Western Numnah Wool

  • Specially designed for use with our Western style Treefree saddle.

    The top of the numnah is constructed of double layered cotton drill which sandwiches a firm layer of felt wadding in between. the underneath is made from high quality woolen lam-pad, 100% wool pulled trough a man made backing. This gives all the good quality of a sheepskin numnah at the same time as being machine washable.
    The wool acts as a anti rub material as eventual rubbing would be happening with in the woolen layer and not between horse and surface of numnah.
    Available in black or brown.
    Uses Evolite™ inserts on the bearing surfaces to distribute pressure and relieve impact.
    Machine washable, see our Care and Maintenance page for details.