Care and Maintanence Guide

Maintaining for your Treefree saddle is important. It will help you to enjoy your saddle safely for longer.

Caring for your saddle will keep it supple, safe and generally prolong the life of the leather and foam components.


The saddle should be stored on a saddle horse (if using a metal bar horse/rack always put a thick numnahs or some foam on first to prevent indentation from the bars).

Cover the saddle with a saddle cover or dustsheet and do not store other saddles, etc. on top. Store in damp free environment or else the leather could develop mould.


Leather Care

Top of saddle and flaps.

Initially on purchase, you should apply a light coat of oil to your Treefree saddle's leather areas (but not suede). Buck oil, neat's-foot and hydrophane type oils are all suitable.

It is important to oil the leather, but do not over oil, as this saturates the leather making it spongy, which is as damaging as not oiling. Leather which is not oiled will become dry and brittle.

After having initially oiled the saddle a few times, it is advisable only to oil after the saddle has become rain saturated and has dried a little stiff or before and after long periods of storing.

The saddle should be regularly cleaned using saddle soap and then a saddlery leather cream as a feed (do not use dubbing or synthetic cleaners as these will block the pores preventing the leather from breathing).


Caring for Synthetic items


If your saddle has become muddy or soiled, sparely apply luke warm water and saddle soap using a sponge and rub gently.

Never use any abrasive or solvent based cleaning agents, as this will damage the leather. Any mud or soil on the suede panel can be removed with a stiff brush and small quantities of luke warm water.


Suede Care

Seat, Panel and Knee grips as applicable.

To keep the suede in good condition, it should be brushed with a suede brush, which will keep the pile and remove the dirt.

Then occasionally sprayed with a suede protector. No creams or oils should be used on suede.


General Precautions

Never clean leather using hot water (use luke warm water).

Always allow the leather to dry naturally. Do not put near a source of heat.

Whilst cleaning your Treefree saddle and associated items of saddlery. Always check for signs of wear or damage and arrange repair or replacement as necessary.

Caring for Synthetic items

Girths, Webbers

Gently spray with a synthetic saddle cleaner, wipe clean with water and leave to dry.