This is what some of our customers think.


Shari Nees   Thursday 05th of October 2010


Write up on the Exmoor Treefree.
Well, My Grey mare is still going out smartly and tolting very nicely.
She still seems to really like this saddle and I feel safe in it. Quite
a miracle that, after all the saddles I have tried in the past.
The only treeless saddle that has a normal safety stirrup hook, so you
can use your webbers on it. It also has panels built in for better
spine clearance.
Very, very nice quality workmanship, excellent Quality leather, will do
custom orders. Much, much higher Quality than the Barefoot I had.
Only takes about two weeks to get a saddle with custom modifications.
Moving the Billets one Inch forward did the trick, as she has a forward girth grove.
I also had the stirrup hook moved forward one inch too, which worked much better for me. Saddle is super comfy, nice and secure. Very stable on her back!!
Quality of the leather and suede is excellent. Can't feel the stirrup
hooks at all, which is a major plus for me.
Bought the pad that was made for this saddle and it is pure fleece
next to the horse and is really nice. Also can attached it on the
saddle in such a way as it is like one whole thing, Saddle and pad.
Really like that.
Rode not only on the track/trail but in the woods going up and down
the hills just to make sure.
Overall an Excellent saddle for this Icelandic mare.
Something I though was cute....and was not expecting...the maker of
this saddle is called the," Viking saddle company".

Joanne Paterson   Friday 20th of October 2010


Have been using the western dartmoor for about a year now. Absolutley love it !

We bought it for our 8 year daughter and her cube shaped pony. We tried many a saddle previously, western and english, including a very expensive made to measure one. None of them stayed in place, either slipping sideways or forwards regardless of girth tightness.

The dartmoor never moves, and is lovely and light, easy for an 8 year old to handle.

We recently had the opportunity to test the saddle using a port lewis impression pad. I (mum) rode him out for about 40 mins in walk, trot and canter.
We removed the saddle with great nervousness - every other saddle tested at our yard showed pressure points behind the shoulders or under the cantle.

The PLI pad looked as if it had'nt even be used, no pressure points at all, very impressive.

I now use the saddle on my quarter horse mare too. We use a western style suberpad under the saddle for the pony and the dartmoor western pad for the mare and in this way it fits both of them perfectly.

The only warning I would give is don't use the horn to mount, it is as it says, only for show - yes, we managed to snap it off !

A great saddle, I would heartily recommend it !

Joanne Paterson

Vicki   Wednesday 01st of November 2006

After having a sit on a tree less saddle i thought i'd try for myself after looking at a few i did like the look of the exmoor,one came up so i bought it and was very pleased with what i got and the quality was very good,my daughter and i now argue who is going to ride in it.We both have wide fitting horses one is a fell pony and the other is a coloured cob the saddle fits them both very very well.Will now have to buy another to stop the arguments

Marion   Sunday 25th of February 2007

Having struggled for 5 years riding with a slipped disc I had given up booth jumping and dressage. By last autumn I was coming to the conclusion I would have to stop riding all together. When I suffered more problems with my back by this time I was sitting to the right and a longer left stirrup. One of my pupils had a treeless saddle But I didn’t like the bulky shape, stirrup attachments, or suede outer.
I wanted a traditional shaped saddle with a surface I could saddle soap, in black to match my new bridle then I found the Treefree Saddle contacted Treefree and explained my problems and a saddle duly arrived short after for trial. What a difference!!! It took me a couple off days experimenting with Numnah and Girths to get my balance, and had discussions with the ever patient Tom and Johan the Saddler. To fit my odd shaped Horse but NOW I don’t ride in anything else. My horse is more sure footed down hill and can perform extended trot in a straight line after loosing marks for being crocked for year. As for my self, I am sitting in the middle, with level stirrups, I been for a 2 ½ hr ride, have been galloping on the beach (first time in two years) and I am jumping again. This saddle is so comfy. I can get off with out feeling that I have been for a ride and can carry on with my day. My pupils are all begging to use it for their lessons because it puts you in a correct and natural position, but best off all, I am no longer taking pain killers before after (and some time during!) and I am enjoying my horse again, THANK YOU TREEFREE!!!!

Suzy   Monday 03rd of October 2011

I have tried many saddles over the years as my pony is very hard to fit. I have a fairly good treed saddle but always come back from the ride needing painkillers (as I have a slipped disc and sciatica) as the tree causes pain (even with a seatsaver).
I ordered a Barefoot as have tried these in the past and the quality was poor and the saddle still slipped. I went to see Johan and explained my requirements - I tried an Exmoor in black and was very impressed with the quality and feel of the saddle. After my first ride I was in totally in love with it and wanted to go for a longer ride as I was enjoying it so much. It is extremely comfortable, causes no pain, puts me more evenly in the saddle and does not slip or roll on my pony. She walked out really well and was enjoying her ride.
This is the most comfortable and secure saddle I have ever ridden in. Thank you Treefree for an enjoyable and confidernt experience. :)

Aunty betty   Thursday 28th of September 2009

I am now completely converted to my lovely tereefree saddle. So much so that when Forrie's better and TG starts riding him I really don't want to let them have the treefree and have to revert to a "normal" saddle myself. But it's the only one that fits him at the moment, so I'll have to.

Now I've always fancied a western saddle (as does TG), and Dartmoor do one.

gym   Thursday 28th of September 2010

I bought a treefree saddle in March of this year and would not swap for the world. Not only does it provide comfort for Sienna like no saddle I had tried before but I also find it extremely comfortable. If you have saddle fitting problems why not try a Dartmoor Treefree.


Gemma   Sunday 27th of September 2011

I bought a Western version of your treefree a few months ago, and thought
you might appreciate some feedback.

I can honestly say that it is the best saddle I have EVER ridden in!!! I
find it extremely comfortable and love the feeling of sitting around my pony
rather than being perched on top. And the difference in the way that she
goes is fantastic! Much free-er and generally flowing very nicely. I've had
real problems finding a saddle that doesn't move forwards on Marigold. Even
the made-to-measure model moves unless I do the girth up so tight she can't
breathe. But this one hasn't budged an inch and I've had the cinch fairly
lose on occasions. I have noticed a bit of slipping to the side when I've
had to perform acrobatics to open some of the more awkward gates around here
but that's to be expected I think. I've done quite a few long hacks (3,4,5
hours) and have had no problems with pressure points at all. So many thanks
from a happy pony and rider!

I've only one gripe, and that is very minor. I have a lot of excess latigo,
and nowhere to put it! I have to tuck it around the seat. I don't know if
you have any input into the design, but a slot like you see on a tree-d
western saddle to pop that latigo into would just make it perfect!

I've attached is a picture of Marigold wearing said saddle. I think you'll
agree she looks rather smart!!

Kind Regards,

Liz Crossley   Wednesday 15th of November 2010

I bought my western saddle 2 years ago, I have 4 Arabs and had problems finding any saddle to fit one of them. This saddle was the only one not to go up her neck!

I have a gelding I was having problems with, he moves very quickly and I fell off a couple of times with my old endurance saddle. I feel so much more secure in the treefree western saddle and that, combined with a Dr cook bridle has given me the confidence to ride him again. We now hack out alone and if he does spook at anything I can stay with him so much better. I do love the saddle, thanks!

Carolyn McCambridge   Friday 09th of May 2012

We have two Dartmoor Western saddles and are very, very pleased with them.

We had struggled to find any saddle that would fit our two cob-type ponies. Getting on was a nightmare because however tightly we girthed the saddles they would slip right round and then when riding the saddle and rider would end up just behind the ears. Not good!

The Dartmoors stay in place for mounting and riding. And they are very comfortable.
We have done rides up to 5 hours long and there have been no signs of pressure points or back problems (for horse or rider!!) That's pretty amazing.

So thank you for filling a gap in the market.


Carolyn and Joseph (age 13)


blossom   Thursday 28th of September 2011

I have a Dartmoor Treefree for Katie and I really love it. It is soooooooooo comfy and Katie seems to really like it too.

Joanne   Tuesday 10th of October 2006

By the way, tested the saddle with a port lewis impression pad recently, the results were amazing, no pressure points at all,looked like it had'nt been sat on. Very impressed !

anne   Wednesday 07th of February 2012

I have used a treeless saddle for 3 years and a dartmoor treefree for about a year. I would never go back to a treed saddle. I can feel all my mare's movement so I know what she is going to do in advance of the actual full movement, very useful for a spooky horse! We regularly hack out for 2 hours at a time and she has a lovely back - no muscle wastage and she has never had any back problems. It never slips and is the most comfortable saddle I have ever sat in.

Sandra   Tuesday 28th of September 2010

I have a my Dartmoor treelelss now for about 6 year, and I love it. I feel very secure, and my mare who is now 17 has no back problems at all, and we regularly do 2/3 hour hacks, sometimes we have been gone all day!!! I also love the fact that the stirrup bars are not enclosed. A fantastic realistically priced saddle. I am now looking to purchase another one for my youngster.