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Development new saddle

Brian Ferry March 2012


Pleas find more information on the new development of the new saddle  on facebook.

There have been trials with Rachel on her horse and general out come is good a few small alterations.


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The new web site

Brian Ferry March 2012


Soon we all can have the benefit of Treefrees brand new site with a wider knowledge base and easier shoping

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Working With the World Horse welfare

Johan Ulvede  2012

Johan Has just come back from the last module of the second year in Honduras Where Johan have been supporting the local horse owners and  horse population by teaching them horsemanship and saddlery.

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Treefree is working twords a greener future
Carol Simons March 2012

Sustainability has always been at the forefront in all of treefrees business  We are currently working on a new  more sustainable model of saddle where we are striving to replace as many of the unsustainable processes with in the manufacturing of the saddle to a better use of the natural materials.

We are trying to replace the open-cell foam with a new product that is made out of recycled wool, this will not only benefit the environment but also create a breathable product and a more holistic way of thinking. 

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