Drawing on all our experience and knowledge over the many years of making treeless saddle we have now skilfully crafted the TOR Range, made in our workshops by our Master saddlers.


Still utilising all the best leather and the high quality fittings we are renowned for, we have created a saddle that has the appearance of a conventional treed saddle but still manages to retain the benefits of the traditional Treefree™ saddle.


The panel is created in a new way to offers even closer contact with built in knee-roles and its traditional looking sweat flap, allowing the rider to truly sit in to the saddle and communicate with the horse in an unrivalled way.

Its modular design allows you to adapt the saddle as you progress in your chosen discipline by fitting different flaps and tops to allow the saddle to give you the support and balance you require. With additional built in knee blocks, a solid leather flap or leather seat the possibilities are endless.

The Tor Range offers a floating girth system allowing for maximum freedom for the horse and rider. The custom engineered slider conforms to horses with a variety of different positioned girth groves. Spreading the load across several positions within the saddle to enhance distribution.

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Treefree The home of Treeless saddles

A modern GP saddle with a generous forward cut flap allowing the horse and rider to negotiate the more challenging terrain and jumps.


Designed to offer more support to the dressage rider with a straighter cut flap and a classical seat this saddle promises to  allow the freedom for your horse to performs at its best even during the most challenging tests.