We are striving to offer more options

In the past we have made our saddles with slightly varied designs.

We have more than once been asked to make a saddle with forward girth and/or forward placement of the stirrup hook and have now decided to incorperate these combined as a standard option on the Exmoor saddle.


Both or either of these options can now be ordered from us and we will be striving to keep the combined version as a stock item.


More information below.

placement of 
stirrup hook.

These saddles have the stirup bar/hook placed about 1" further forward from the standard which is similar to dressage placment. This makes it similar to a GP positioning, with the riders leg being further forward, that allows the hips to rotate and the knees to come  up. 

For riders that have very wide horses or inherent problems with hip flexibility, this can help to make your ride as pleasent as possible and enjoy the full benifits of the Treefree's closer feel.

placement of 
girth straps

This solution has proved itself and offered a great fit for those horses that  have a forward girth grove, where the standard strap placenemt would have pulled the saddle forewards onto the horses shoulder.


With this placement we can usually resolve this issue without the need of specialized girths.

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