Why should I choose

a Treefree Saddle?

The design for these unique saddles manufactured by Viking Saddlery, was inspired by the idea that the mutual riding sensation for horse and rider should be as close to a natural experience as possible.

This meant that the design had to be flexible and give the rider the same control over the horse as a conventional saddle, with no rigid parts causing discomfort to the horse, but also at the same time supporting the rider’s weight and relieving the obvious pressure that a saddle gives to the channel along the horse’s spine.

The studies of natural horsemanship and behavioural patterns have helped enormously in the development of a horse/rider-friendly saddle. The result of such research is the treeless saddle designed by Tom Widdecombe. Tom turned to master saddlers, Viking Saddlery, in Buckfastleigh, Devon in order to have his original prototype developed and made readily available for sale in the UK. The result is the Treefree™ Saddle.

The key features that make this unique product are its gullet, the interchangeable pommel and the absence of rigid trees running throughout the length of the saddle. Two panels help support the rider’s weight, relieving the pressure on the horse’s spinal areas.

Advantages of a Treefree Saddle

As with any design that veers away from the expected convention it needs a chance to be appreciated. The new treeless saddle gives the rider a different riding position and might seem strange to begin with. But the benefits of this saddle soon become obvious.

The impact from movement to the rider is greatly diminished as the riding position is much more upright allowing the rider to absorb the stress more naturally throughout the pelvic region engendering a feeling of being wrapped around the horse rather than perched upon it.


The stirrups let the rider feel unconstrained, moulded to the horse, not gripping from insecurity. So not only does the rider get that natural bareback sensation without discomfort and physical pain, the horse can also move and feel completely natural with the rider on its back, again without discomfort.

Feedback from customers has allowed the designer to make small improvements and adjustments to an organically growing design. Additional products are also available along with a seven-day trial, a supportive back-up service and a network of local agents.

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